Monday, May 20, 2013

Pictures of Ohio gold Jobe 1.5 dredge videos

 Here are some pictures of the gold I prospected the last few times out with the dredge. I have to say that the Jobe 1.5 I bought is definitely getting me more gold. On the flip side of that. Mining is still a lot of work. Even with a suction nozzle. I am keeping the sand to gravel consistency a little better. As the result I have less hose clogs. I also fashioned a pebble extractor out of some clothes hanger for when the pebbles get stuck in my orifice.  I used it quite a bit when we were out on the river and it works well. All I need now is the energy and the gumption to start getting out there early on the weekends and dredging the heck out of my spots. Ok so I am done rambling for now. Enjoy these two latest episodes of PaystreakTV and understand that you can not hold me responsible for the mediocre content within them.Thanks for looking, reading and watching.


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