Friday, August 24, 2012

New gold spot!

Thanks to Google earth and a nicely timed family gathering I was able to find another spot to prospect. It is not a close spot however. It's a good forty minutes away from where I live. As luck would have it the family gathering we had to attend was close. You can guess what happens next. We cut out early so I could prospect. What can I say? I have a great wife. I had read that there was higher concentrations of Ohio gold in the Knox county area and the river I was on is close to there. Google earth is a great tool for prospecting. I had used it to look for road access to rivers and creeks the week before. I found this spot and one other over in Canton. That one I had not prospected yet but I had plans to in the near future. I started recording and got to work. It was a typical cold Ohio spring day. I did my best to try and stay mostly dry. I needed to make some serious upgrades to my equipment. A fact that was getting more obvious every time I went looking for gold. I needed to get with my engineer buddy at my shop and do something about my stuff. During that time the PaystreakTV channel was starting to get some views and people were liking what I was doing so I was pretty stoked. The bottom line was, whether its big nuggets or small flakes people love gold. Finding flakes that day in a new spot validated what I was doing in my mind. It was a very exciting time for me.

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