Monday, August 20, 2012

Gold fever!

Gold fever had hit epidemic proportions at my house. Much to my wife's dismay. I finally had enough flakes in my vial that you could see them and I have to admit,I stared at them for long periods of time. I had been winging it so to speak as far as my prospecting goes. My results have been good however which was kind of puzzling to me. I did most of my research online and the people finding Ohio gold were all moving a lot more material than I was for just a little more gold than I was getting just panning. Could I actually be lucky enough to live in an area where there is a higher concentration of gold. I had many questions on my mind as I drove to my only prospecting spot.I did another episode of PaystreakTV at the park. I loved the fact that I could find gold so close to home. I hated the fact that I was rooting around in the duck pond water to get it. To me that's just foul. Pun intended. Another problem in this particular creek was all the broken glass. I struggled to comprehend why in a park with a trash can every 30 yards there was so much crap in the creek. I gave a hoot and made it a goal to take anything that didn't belong with me. The duck water thing still bothered me though. I found a few more flakes and the show turned out good. After I was done in the editing room that night I started up my Google earth. I needed to find some more spots.

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