Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gold rush Alaska do or die episode review

  You will have to excuse my tardiness on the reviews. I had a lot of gold shows to watch on my DVR. So I think we will start off with the "Gold rush Alaska" do or die episode. They showed some of the off season action as all of the miners get ready for season 3. Back this year are the Hoffman crew, Young Parker Schnable, Dakota Fred and his son Dustin.

  The drama at the Hoffmans operation this year involves Dave Turin going to mine a second hoffman claim his way for a change. He's going with a shaker wash plant with big sluice boxes. Todd has been sold on an untested turbo trommel  with a wee small 18 inch sluice. Dave was against it. I agree with Dave on that one. Kind of a no brainer. To mine the two claims this year there is some new people starting for the Hoffman crew. Some family members. Some gear heads and electrical guys. We will talk more about the new guys later on after we know more about them.

   Parker worked the Big nugget mine through the winter. He has been digging the Smith creek area of his grandfathers claim to get close to pay dirt. His test pans are not looking spectacular however. I hope he gets it worked out.

   Finally the Dakota boys Fred and Dustin Hurt. They all most did not do the show this year. Fred did not like being portrayed as the evil claim jumper last season. In Fred's defense I have to say he is just doing business. That's all.  If the Hoffmans were doing their business correctly they would have paid their lease on time and they would not have lost Porcupine creek. Fred saw an opportunity and he jumped on it. I bet most of us would do the same if we were in his shoes.

   Ok so that's the warm up. Check back, follow or subscribe because I will have my take on the first episode of "Gold rush Alaska season 3" posted soon. I will also be reviewing the new show "Jungle gold" as well. That one is crazy.

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