Monday, October 1, 2012

I met a fellow gold prospector. We watched a canoe tip lol.

We are skipping ahead a bit with the PaystreakTV story. If you want to see the videos in between my skips you can watch them on the PaystreakTV Youtube channel or at my BlipTV. Back to the posted video. This was a fun day and I will tell you why. During the week before I was prospecting my first good gold spot there on the Tuscarawas river I kept noticing holes. Now prospectors know what prospecting holes look like. That was what I was seeing. I had been there for about a week and had not seen a soul. I figured that maybe they were old holes and went on about my business. As luck would have it on the weekend I recorded this I stumbled upon my first Ohio prospector. Prospector Gary is what we call him on the show now a days. He is an older gentleman. A scrapper, handyman and a prospector rolled into one. He's one heck of a nice fella and pretty soon we were talking like old friends. I was amazed that I had actually ran into another crazy Ohio gold hunter in my neck of the woods. At the same time I was thrilled to have some like minded company on the river. It was also a nice change to the show. Having a guest breaks up the monotony. So I met a new friend. While prospecting with said new friend we finally got a canoe tip on video for the show. I had been trying to get one all week. To top it all off I got some gold. It was a fun day. Enjoy!

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