Thursday, October 11, 2012

Prospecting gold and a string of bad luck

Picking up where we left off is getting difficult so I will improvise. Everything was going well. The PaystreakTV channel on Youtube was starting to grow. I was prospecting almost everyday and recording a show every time. I had even talked my wife into a family prospecting vacation at the end of June down in North Carolina. We had reserved a cabin at the Luckystrike gold and gem mine. Needless to say I was extremely excited. I had decided that the week down south would be my week long PaystreakTV season one finale. When June finally arrived it was almost like a switch got flipped. Everything that was good suddenly went bad. We will call it the "miners curse" and it landed right on my head. June first. I lost my ad server. I had been running Adsense on my Youtube channel to monetize my show. My plan was to try and use the revenue generated by my ad clicks to help pay for my gold prospecting and show making hobbies. It seemed like a good idea at the time. When I say I lost my ad server what I mean is the Google algorithms aka bots flagged my account as fishy and it got flushed. You have one chance to appeal and if you screw it up your done forever. At PaystreakTV we have raised the bar on screwing up. That being said we ended up squandering our one and only appeal in record time. Anything worth doing is worth doing fast. The following week was not much better. If you watch my series on Youtube you have seen my gold guarding dogs. I have two sixty pound mongrels running amok at my house. Great fun. To make the long story short I have bad knees. The dogs dislocated one of them as they ran through my legs to get outside. It swelled to the size of a small pumpkin and it felt worse than it looked. This was just weeks before our vacation so everything was in jeopardy. I was pretty bummed out by this time. I made a video to show my knee and let everyone know I was going to be down a bit. I limped around the house for the next few weeks using a cane trying to work the fluid out from around my knee cap. I had to wear a brace to keep everything straight. When most of the pain was gone we decided to go out for one last dig in season one. I had been going stir crazy sitting at home for the last few weeks and we needed to test the knee out anyhow.

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