Thursday, October 25, 2012

Testing my shop built mini sluice. Finding gold

Fall is starting to put a damper on my prospecting escapades. I can no longer get on the river after work as the sun is setting to early. At least I still have my weekends to prospect for gold and make videos so I am thankful for that. In my last post I showed the mini sluice being built. It was time to test it. The weekend after the build we managed to get to the river. We had to leave half way through the day to go to a peewee football game but I made it back after. The mini sluice ran surprisingly well considering it was made of a bunch of scrap junk we had laying around the shop. By the end of the day we had a bunch of small flakes and a very pleased prospector. Enjoy the video!

 Special thanks to for the royalty free music!
Just a quick reminder. Gold rush Alaska and Jungle gold are starting new seasons this Friday. The jungle gold show looks interesting. They say someone hits the mother load this season in Alaska. I hope it's young Parker. Anyways I will post my reviews, commentaries and tallies shortly after I get a chance to watch. I am getting excited!

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