Monday, November 26, 2012

Gold rush Alaska 11/16/2012 review and thoughts

   They called this episode of Gold rush Alaska the battle of the bridge. It is my opinion that in order to keep things interesting they introduce drama into the show weekly. Now I understand what Discovery channel is trying to do but to be honest I don't want to see made up reality television. The drama I am interested in is created when these guys try to dodge the many pit falls of mining and then getting to see the gold at the end.Moving on then. I don't have a whole lot to say about the Parker Schnabel Dakota Fred bridge fight. Parker needs money for payroll. He had a contract to replace the bridge to Porcupine creek for X amount of dollars. Fred is lucky Parkers dad made his son give them access. All I know is neither of them were running paydirt so I am not interested in Dustin and Parkers spat or Fred playing with his knife. Give me a break.

   The Hoffman drama continues as well. Dave Turrin and crew are muscling through their first cut but one of the bulldozers went down so they had to put on the night shift to finish it. Not much more to say about Indian river. looks like they will be mining next week. Todd on the other hand is still dead in the water. He went east into Canada to where his turbo trommel is being built to try to hurry things along. Todd should have made this trip weeks ago but I don't think it would have made a difference. He did bring one of his mechanics to help so that was a little smart I guess. I know from personal experience as a maintenance man at my own shop that when you have a machine built from scratch it ALWAYS takes longer than projected. An eight week lead time on a machine that size is ridiculously short. I'm not sure it can even be done. So that's it. No gold. A lot of useless drama. Hope the next episode is better than this one.

Here is the gold tally from last week with nothing new to add. Sigh....

The Big Nugget 25 oz =$43,150

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