Monday, November 5, 2012

Jungle gold review 10/26/12 episode

  Jungle gold is about two guys from Utah. George Wright and Scott Lomu used to make a living in the housing market. When the bottom dropped out they where out of work. Now they are in Ghana Africa during a modern day gold rush and making a show about it. From what I have seen so far they are going to have a rough time. First off I have to say this. You are in a country that has a rainy season. Why would you mine during the rainy season? Duh.. I don't get it and that just seems really stupid to me. Flooding will be an ongoing problem for them. Another serious problem they had right away was with their claim.  They had paid to lease a claim and arrived to find armed Chinese miners all over it. When they went to the village chief to complain they got a "there's nothing we can do".  They managed to get another claim lined up and got their excavator to the only high ground on it. After all that the wives are needing money so George and Scott do a back alley gold deal. This seems really dangerous. Large amounts of money are involved. There is always a chance you will get robbed or worse. Ghana is indeed in the middle of a modern day gold rush but it's a third world country so there is a bit of lawlessness going on. Anyhow they buy low and sell high and make just under a grand. To tell you the truth I'd like to see a show about the back alley gold deals. It is to early to tell whether or not I like the show but I will say the first episode was a bit painful to watch. What's your opinion on the Jungle gold show? Comments are welcome. Thanks for reading. don't forget to follow or subscribe.


  1. I don't care for the Jungle show. Too macho, crazy, angry, dangerous. More about the problems of the country than finding gold. Plus, it's crazy there. The climate alone is going to do them in.
    We will continue to watch for a while. Maybe it will redeem itself. So far, I would say it's going downhill.

    1. Thanks for the comments farmlady. I'm with you, this show is going downhill fast.

  2. Those guys arent prepared for ANYTHING. You would think to bring some spare parts for SOMETHI G. Lol all their stuff breaks and they never have anything to fix it. Dumb

  3. I have lived in Ghana for 7 years and find a lot of how they portray Ghana is very bad. The first road block had a farmer carrying a gund and machette in the normal manner and is frequently seen around here. The guys at the road block are just filling in potholes and ask for a few cedi for their efforts.... this is very common due to the condition of the roads. Mining in the wet season is crazy and stupid and Americans trying to come here and throw their weight around gets you nowhere at all.

    I am sure the officials will be looking for these guys if they try to return to Ghana to double check work visa's, tax payments and that they have the correct paperwork for the concessions they are mining. There is a lot of Galamsey (illegal) mining in Ghana helped by the Chinese and even with military and police intervention it is still rife so 2 Americans will not change anything

    This program is just starting to be shown over here so it will be interesting to see the other episodes