Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jungle gold reviews and thoughts 11/2/2012, 11/9/2012

I decided to smash my reviews of the last two episodes of Jungle gold into this one post. you have to believe me when I say that blogging about this show is almost as painful as watching it. That being said here we go.
On the 11/2/2012 episode Scott and George go to see if they can get their trommel. Guess what. It's surrounded by water. They drop the last of their investors money on a new one. I posed the question in the last Jungle gold review. If your in a country that has a rainy season. Why are you mining during it? This episode just proved my point. Moving on now. It seems that the land owner of the claim they are on now did not let everyone in their family know about the land deal he had struck with Scott and George. A domestic dispute with the machete wielding brother in law comes soon after. Now I can understand wanting to protect your security guy but putting the skinny native dude into the death crippler flying chicken wing hold was probably not the best decision. Important safety tip coming up........DON"T MAKE ENEMIES IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. They did do one thing right though. They got a maintenance man out there. Now if they where smart they would have had one there from the get go but whatever.

Now for the 11/9/2012 episode. It's really more of the same. The investor is getting impatient,they are having logistics and mechanical problems and to top it off they have to sleep in the Jungle now to protect their equipment because off all the friends they have made in Ghana so far. They ran a bit of dirt now and got like five grams or something like that. That struck me as funny. If they wanted those kind of clean outs they could have just come here to Ohio to mine. The other thing I wanted to touch on in this episode was the logistics problems. They have to haul all of their fuel in to their claim. To do that they have to trespass on a Chinese claim a little bit. Now that's all good but you can't turn around and beat your chest like a gorilla when they wander on to yours. Those Chinese miners were sending a pretty clear message as far as I am concerned and Scott and George need to start paying attention before they get killed out there.  My suggestion to them........Make friends with your Chinese neighbors and do it quick.  Okay that's all I can stand. Comments are appreciated below. Don't forget to follow or subscribe. The Gold rush Alaska 11/9/2012 episode review is coming soon. Thanks for reading

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