Friday, November 16, 2012

Gold rush Alaska 11/9/2012 review and thoughts

   I am finding that keeping up with the blog is a lot harder than I anticipated. Hats off to bloggers who do this for a living. I am a bit behind on my "Gold rush Alaska" reviews. With winter looming here in Ohio my PaystreakTV youtube channel will be tapering off giving me the extra time I need to do things here. I am going to prospect this weekend. It's supposed to be nice but that can change pretty quick here. This very well could be the last time I get out for the season. I am kind of bummed about that. Hurry up spring!

   Enough of that. I had plenty of time to think about my review for the last Gold rush Alaska which aired 11/9/2012 so here's my take. The Hoffmans have solved all of their land issues with the help of Greg Mcneil, the land owner at quartz creek. Dave Turrin got his was plant up and running on Indian river. They had to weld a few spots up to fix some vibration problems but other than that it looks like a real honey. The quartz creek claim is having some problems now. Todd is still waiting for his "turbo trommel" which is still weeks out. Then they found a bit of gold in the tailings. Todd shut the operation down and proceeded to rip out old blue. I have two issues with this. First. An inefficient wash plant still finds more gold than NO wash plant. Second. Don't these guys have the mining expert of their payroll? I would think you would have him at least look at the plant before throwing in the towel and dragging it out of there. Todd Hoffman you amaze me every week.

   Over at Porcupine creek the Dakota boys are getting started. Fred bought another loader and brought in some help. Well sort of. He hired a woman and a guy. The guy as it turned out had a back injury that he was taking pain killers for. He was fired soon after that came to light. We will talk about the woman operator later on as we get to know her better. Not much dirt moving going on but the Hurts did get their de-rocker working. We will see what happens to them next week.

   At the Big nugget mine Parker is mining! He hit a speed bump with some trust issues. He suspects some gold came up missing.  It's a hard pill to swallow when you realize for the first time in your life that dishonest people are everywhere and you have to be aware of them. I bet he does not leave any more pans of gold laying around. Parker had an awesome clean out after his first week of running the upgraded wash plant. I was very happy for him. I like that kid. What do you think? Comments are welcome below. Don't forget to follow or subscribe.Thanks for reading. Only one gold tally so far so here it is..

The Big Nugget 25 oz =$43,150

  Real quick while I'm blogging. Here is a picture of my prospectors coat rack. I would like to think the guy up on the hill is wishing he had one. In reality he is probably wondering if I lost my mind.



  1. I agree with you I really want to see Parker do well, as for Fred Hurt, Karma is a bitch, and all his problems are well earned for he way he has treated the Hoffmanns and Parker. Todd Hoffman, well he's just a screw up looking for a place to happen, continually making bad decisions if it wasn't for he money each member gets for being on the show ( I heard rumor it was 12k per episode) they would have all left him alone up there a long time ago.

    1. Thanks for the comment Bill. "a screw up looking for a place to happen" ha ha I couldn't have said it better myself.