Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gold rush Alaska review 11/2/2012 The wrong claim

   So it looks like the miners are ready. Their equipment runs and they are all good to go but it looks like the Hoffman crew at quartz creek are the only ones moving dirt. The Indian river claim is having some issues right now though. Right off the bat Dave and Todd noticed drill hole markers. I know that it is easy to pick things apart sitting in my comfy office in Ohio but I am thinking that I definitely would have gotten the claim owner Greg Mcneil on the phone to figure that out. Instead they decide to pay a lot of money to drill their test holes and figure out the other stuff later. That came back to bite them when they found out that they were drilling on the wrong claim. Dave Turrin most likely entered the gps coordinates wrong. Todd said he didn't want to look like idiots this year. Sorry Todd there is always next season though. On the bright side, at least you didn't start mining it. New test holes on the right claim yielded lack luster results so they are in a pickle now. I don't know why they didn't show what was happening at Quartz creek this episode but oh well.

   Down at Porcupine creek there are flooding problems for both Parker Schnable and the Dakota boys. Parker worked all winter getting Smith creek dug down and now that the years record snow is melting  it is making access to Smith creek dangerous. I am glad he listened to his grandpa about this when he voiced his concern. It was a valuable life lesson. Lucky for Parker he has good neighbors. Earl Foster is one of them. He owns some claims right next to the Big Nugget and he agreed to lease one to Parker. Now at least he can run dirt until Smith creek dries out a bit.

   The Dakota boys are not faring as well. Could it be karma from the electrical panel thing? Fred went on a helicopter ride with a geo survey dude. After seeing the snow pack up the valley he realized that they can't drain the glory hole with out risking the whole operation and their lives. They are going to try to get at it from the other end for now so we will see how that works out for them. I want to see what's at the bottom more than ever now. What is your take on the show? Feel free to comment below. If you enjoy my blog please subscribe,follow or back link to me. Thanks for reading.

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  1. The Prospector and I have watched every episode since the beginning. Wouldn't miss it for the world.
    We always felt that Todd an his crew went into this whole adventure with too little knowledge but have learned a lot in the last two seasons.
    Parker is young but he has the energy and the drive to find the Mother Lode, if his own parents don't shut him down. He needs to grow up a little but he's got what it take to be doing this.
    I, personally, don't like Dakota Fred but he and his son know what they have to do.
    They are all living the dream and that's what this show is all about. If my husband was younger he would be up there too.
    Good review. Gold is where you find it.