Monday, September 3, 2012

Prospecting made easy. Well almost.

After some experimentation with the snail I found that with enough current it worked well for trapping heavies. The problem was getting enough current. So I found myself back in the shop with my engineer buddy. After a few hours of brainstorming we decided to buy a 500 gph bilge pump and a 12 volt lawn and tractor battery. I spent about 35 bucks. So now I had about just under 50 bucks in my mobile mini wash plant. We welded up some legs for it and made them about 2 foot long. Poked them through the top and called it done. I had flow. I had angle. I had high hopes. Now we needed to get the power snail out in the field to see what she would do. Our maiden run was at Sippo park at the south end. We started with about a half a bucket. I ran what would have taken me an hour to pan in about 25 minutes. I was thrilled to say the least. I was worried that my angle was set to high so we lowered it down a bit and ran another half a bucket of material. After the adjustment I was catching a lot more heavies so I was a bit high. I found three small pieces of gold that day so the power snail was a success in my book. It worked exactly like we imagined it would. Have you ever been really excited about something and when you try to tell people about it they just don't get it? That is where I found myself for the next couple of weeks after this day. On a lighter note the PaystreakTV channel on Youtube was doing ok. Slow but sure wins the race as far as Youtube goes. Now I had a better show with the addition of the power snail. I still needed new gold spots but at least now I could prospect them quicker when I did find them. That's freakin awesome!

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