Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bering sea gold:under the ice review 9/14/2012

My apologies for my tardiness on this weeks review. I was in Chicago for IMTS (international machine tool show) all last week. Totally work related and couldn't be avoided. I finally had a chance to watch the last episode of Bering sea gold:under the ice so here is my take on it. The Lazy gator can do no wrong in my book. The only thing that looks to be a problem for them is the fact that the whole crew is exhausted. I don't know about you all but I wouldn't be to excited if my spotters were dozing off when I was under the ice. Just saying. Gold mining is hard enough as it is. Even my small scale prospecting I do here in Ohio is not easy so I understand some of what they are going through. Just remember though they are in a different league than I am. The only way I can think of to solve the Lazy Gator's exhausted crew problem is conditioning. I think for serious gold mining you should do something similar to a football mini camp a couple of months before. Eat the right stuff and get your body into shape. It is that simple. It will translate to being able to mine longer with less pain. On to the Shamrock. So they take a guy that has never dived before. Never dredged before. In other words he has no idea what he is doing. Then Shawn gets mad when he sucks. Actually he gets mad because he is not sucking but whatever. That whole situation rests solely on Shawn's shoulders. It is my opinion that under the ice in the Bering sea is not the ideal place for on the job training. I did like how Shawn Pomrenke decided to suit up and went down to show Phil (I think that's his name)the ropes. He should have done that from the get go though. Bottom line is if you hire noobs you have to train them. Oh well live and learn. At least they are getting a bit of gold now. Last but not least the Clark. After the blow out with his crew Zeke had only Emily Riedel still by his side at the start of this episode. A mishap with the weight belt had Zeke bouncing off of the bottom of the ice which I thought was hilarious. I hope I wasn't the only one laughing at that. Steve Riedel showed back up to help and I have to say his "pushing Zeke down with a 2 x 4" idea was comical as well. It pains me to say that Steve did eventually save the day with his bag-o-rocks idea. Zeke and Steve kissed and made up afterwards and they are finally getting some gold so it's all good now. By the way Zeke. Get an extra weight belt dude. Thanks for reading. I hope you visit us again. Here is the Bering sea gold:under the ice gold tally so far. #1 Lazy Gator 48.52 oz =$78,645 #2 Shamrock 15.5 oz =$25,443 #3 The Clark 2 oz =$3283


  1. Hey, just found your post when I was looking for info on why the show is gone from the TV. We can't find it. My husband and I are avid fans.
    Even the Bering Sea Gold Facebook page has no information and there are no recent postings.
    Like your take on the show and it's underwater dredgers. I will be back.

  2. Thanks for the visit and the comment farmlady. I do know that there is more Bering sea gold coming although I have not seen any dates yet but i'll post when I do. On the bright side. Gold rush Alaska starts the end of this month.:D