Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bering sea gold: under the ice 9/8/2012 review and thoughts

Last post I gave my take on the first episodes of Bering sea gold:under the ice. I have proven that my blogging and reviewing abilities mirror my prospecting abilities and I have made a mistake. This will happen from time to time as I make a lot of them. In my last review I was spouting off about why they don't they put cameras down first. In this latest episode I found that they do indeed send a camera down to scope the terrain. I had missed it in the first episode somehow. Maybe I was on a snack break who knows. I am correcting it now however. My bad. Moving on now so I can get the focus off of me. How about them Lazy gators! Holy cow! They have over 40 grand in gold now and just seem unstoppable. That just goes to show you that a good team can indeed move mountains. I am interested to see what happens when they need to find a new spot though. Drama is the word of the day for the Clark. After singing praises for Zeke's decision to bring people in. I am second guessing myself. As soon as the night shift realized they were on a sand bar they should have sounded off. The Clark had forgotten that no camera was sent down on that spot. It happens get over it. Move on. What I find hard to believe is that Steve Riedel would chastise Zeke for the camera misstep. If he is so smart why didn't he call Zeke out about it before the big hole was cut. He can't seem to shut up any other time when he notices a mistake.Why was he silent this time? During that spat Steve called Zeke a "monster" and now Zeke wants an apology letter or their through. Seriously guys if you turn one of my favorite gold shows into "Real housewives of Nome" I will have to back another horse. Sticks and stones Zeke. Sticks and Stones. Last but not least the Shamrock. Shawn Pomrenke seems to have finally put his dredge on a gold spot. His only real problem is his crew now. Between the busted eardrums and the hose hugging they seem to be dropping like flies. I said last time bigger isn't always better. The bottom line is the amount of gold going in the box does not cover the fuel of that giant operation so they might as well burn hundred dollar bills. What a shame. Hope it gets better for them. What's your take on this? Comments welcome below.

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