Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bering sea gold:under the ice. Review and thoughts.

The first two episodes of Bering Sea Gold: under the ice are in the books. I am going to review what I have seen so far and give you my take on it.  Now as a gold junkie I watch every gold show on t.v . DVR is a wonderful thing. This next comment is directed to The Discovery Channel. The disclaimer you run at the beginning and end of the show saying "this is dangerous and blah blah gobbledygook yada yada" goes in my brain and then goes right back out when I see the good old boys from the Lazy Gator pulling more gold aka money out of a hole in two days than I make in a year working  9 to 5. Just saying. With that out of the way we move to the crews that are having a rough start. The Clark...... Wow...I am in shock that Zeke has not found anything yet. Well no i'm not. I think Zeke's biggest  handicap right now is the Riedel circus he is trying to work with. Poor guy. He is one of my favorites and I hope he gets it together. He made a good decision bringing in  friends that add value to the operation. Not sure what he should do with the cirque de Riedel.  Maybe keep them around for entertainment purposes or something.  Next in the hot seat is the Shamrock with Shawn Pomrenke at the wheel. The Shamrock is a super mega dredge with bells whistles and everything else a gold miner would want or need. Heck you could live on the thing, it's that big.  Now don't get me wrong I like the Pomrenke's. The father son team is great but after watching the Christine Rose dredge just destroy the competition last summer I am kind of glad to see them struggle a bit. Bigger is not always better. Moving on. What I am struggling with is why no one is drilling a small hole first and sending a camera down to look for gold before committing to a spot. Better yet. Why aren't the summer dredgers logging gps coordinates for good gold spots to work after the ice comes in? Well you all know what they say about opinions. You should take mine with a grain of salt. It is easy to critique everything they are doing in Nome when I am sitting in a comfy office in Ohio. Here at the PaystreakTV blog we want to wish all of them luck and hope they stay safe. I will anxiously wait for the next episode to review and over think what their problems are. 
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  1. Mornin Chris..I watched last nights episode of under the ice, I must say Zeke is a mess, blowing up at this friends he brought in, I don't understand why when on such a hot spot (Alaska) they all seem to piss around like they are on vacation?? Again we are sitting in our warm places dabbling on the internet but I would be the guy under the ice until my regulator froze..sure it scary..but stay focused on that GOLD! Maybe its because I am on my first year in, but so far I quite enjoy prospecting in the winter, when you can see everything, and the water is bitter sweet. I enjoy reading your blog's chris, if i enjoyed typing I'd also make a blog.