Monday, September 24, 2012

Bering sea gold:under the ice 9/21/12 review and thoughts

In the blink of an eye the season is over for the Bering sea ice dredgers. I have to say bravo. It is a great show and I for one am hooked. Now for the review and commentary. Lazy Gator. They owned it the whole season and fought hard until the end. Add a bit of good luck and there you have it. They are winning and you gotta love it. The Shamrock continued it's lack luster season. At this point Shawn Pomrenke is so far in the red it would have taken a miracle to save the season. It's okay though. He can always blame it on the new guy and with the ice melting it's time to dust off the Christine Rose anyhow. The Clark barely limped across the finish line after a dismal season. I was shocked at first that Zeke was having so many problems but then you have to remember. These guys are kind of making up the ice dredging thing as they go. It has never been really done before so we need to give them some credit. Chalk it up as a loss. Get some dowsing rods and make up for it this summer. I know what Zeke was feeling at the end only on a much smaller scale. I have dug for hours for just a couple of flakes and it gets frustrating. Gold mining is the hardest easy money there is for sure. Our next reviews will be on whatever gold show starts next. See you then. Here is the Bering sea gold:Under the ice final tally. Lazy Gator--95.95 oz = $157,501.93 Shamrock--69.45 oz = $114,002.18 The Clark--7.7 oz = $12,638.55

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