Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gold prospecting.Back to the story

Now that the reviews and pictures are up I think we will go back to the story. So we are going to fast forward a bit. I kept on recording PaystreakTV episodes while I learned how to use my plankin-snail. Yes I named my mini sluice the plankin-snail. Doesn't everyone name their sluices? Anyhow back to the story. My engineer buddy from work had invited me to a property he had access to that was right on the Tuscarawas river. It was a bit south of where I live but it wasn't to far. He had built a custom sluice box and we needed to test it so it worked out well for both of us. This two part video is from that day. In part one I was with my buddy and we had fun. We found a little gold but not a lot. My buddy had to cut out early so with a half a day still to myself I decided to keep going. I had found a spot on the same river but north of where I live. It looked good on Google earth so we decided to get a closer look. Part two of the video will be at the new spot we found that day. I will upload it shortly to finish this post.

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