Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gold rush Alaska 11/23/2012 review and thoughts

   Real quick I have some PaystreakTV news I need to get out of the way.  I am sad to say that my season 2 of PaystreakTV has pretty much ended. I am in the process of editing a special moment montage video for a finale. That will be uploaded this week so watch for it on my Bliptv and Youtube channels. I will probably post it here as well. Season 3 of PaystreakTV will start when spring returns to Ohio. Thanks for all the support every one and for watching my show. I had almost 17000 views in five months so I couldn't be happier.

   Now for the review and thoughts for Gold rush Alaska episode 11/23/2012. I know I am a week behind but to be honest I record the gold shows on my DRV and it takes me a week to watch and re-watch them and then decide what I want to say about them. The reason I take my time is simple. I don't want to post a bunch of garbage. I want to post entertaining original gold content. That being said we will start with The Big Nugget this week. Parker is building bridges so no gold for him this week. He did manage to get it finished even with the squabbles within his crew. I am so tired of the drama and I hope Parker gets back to business next week.

   Todd Hoffman had just returned from Canada. He was getting his turbo trommel back on schedule. It looks like it is finally going to get on the truck. Okay here we go again with more drama. The investors rep showed up with an ultimatum. The mines need to produce 100 ounces in the next month or they pull the plug. To add to the drama Indian river with the only running wash plant had its first clean out and it was less than an ounce. I am not sure if Dave Turrin's wash plant isn't tuned right or if the top layers of pay gravel are just lighter colored and the bigger stuff is deeper. I guess we hope to find out in this next episode.

   The Dakota boys had a mechanical problem with their excavator. A tensioner bracket for the track busted all to heck. I was pretty impressed with Fred Hurts metal fabrication skills. To build from scratch a part you need out in the middle of nowhere is something else so nice job Fred. I think your son was suprised too.
The dirt they have been moving is top layer stuff from the other side of the Porcupine creek claim. Dustin was crying a bit because he thought it was crap dirt and they were wasting time. He ate humble pie later when the cleanup was 1.5 ounces. Yes Dustin you are the construction worker your dad is the miner.

    I need to take some Tylenol and get ready to do the Jungle gold review so in the meantime don't forget to follow or subscribe to my blog. I love reading your comments so feel free to tell us what you think. Just keep things on topic and PG-13.

Gold rush Alaska gold tally

The Big Nugget
25 oz =$43,150

Dakota Boys
1.5 oz =$2571.00

Hoffman Indian river
.89 oz= about $1500

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