Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gold rush Alaska 11/30/2012 review and thoughts

   This weeks episode of Gold rush Alaska was pretty freaking good. Everyone found gold and the drama was kept to a minimum. I am starting with the Dakota boys this time. I am glad that once again Dustin had to eat humble pie made of crap dirt. Fred was right on this one. If your going to move the dirt anyhow you might as well see what's in it. While we are on the Hurts there is another blog I read now and then that said the cabin that the Hurts destroyed to get at the "crap dirt" was actually kind of a historical building.  Click the following link to read about it.http://hainesalaskatourguide.blogspot.com/.  It is a shame how quick we are to knock stuff down with out finding out about the history first. Bad karma is coming for the Dakota boys. On the bright side they did get 7.1 ounces out of that "crap dirt".

  Up north in the Klondike Todd has finally taken possession of his turbo trommel. It is not installed and running yet but it is there and that's a big deal. I am curious as all heck to see that thing run. It's time to make fun of Dave Turrin now. Last week was pretty much a bust for Indian river. We all can agree that he was not deep enough yet. This week he gave it another shot digging another 2 or so feet. They ran all that material but at cleanout time their mining expert was away on business. Here comes some drama. Watching these guys stand there scratching their heads and try to figure out how to finish cleaning out their sluice box dumbfounded me. This is season 3 right? How many years does it take to learn this?  They must have figured it out because at the end they had 30 ounces of gold. So finally some significant gold from Indian river. Nice to see that.

   Back down south at Porcupine creek Parker is finishing up the Emerson trench paystreak he leased from Earl Foster. His plan is to get 50 ounces in a week and take that money to build a new access road to Smith creek. He ran his wash plant harder than it has ever been run before. He did manage to blow out a bearing but I can say from experience those are easy to fix. At the end of the week Parker Schnabel is the man- kid with a cool 55 ounce clean up. Nice job Parker and crew. Hurry up and get back to Smith creek now. Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow or subscribe if you enjoy my blog.

Gold rush Alaska gold tally

The Big Nugget
80 oz =$131,150

Hoffman Indian river
30.86 oz= $51,500

Dakota Boys
8.6 oz =$12,571

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