Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PaystreakTV season 2 gold prospecting finale

I am sad to say that PaystreakTV season 2 is over. The cold wet Ohio winter has begun. I put together a montage of some of my favorite times over the last two seasons. I wish to thank all the viewers for viewing and all the subscribers for subscribing. You all have been great and I had a lot of fun doing the show. Watch for season 3 this spring on Youtube. We are in desperate need of some equipment repair and some rest. After that I think I want to figure out and build some kind of a dredge. Maybe I will do that in my shop and record some videos to get us all through the next 4 months. Anyways here is my PaystreakTV season 2 finale. Enjoy! Special thanks to www.soundjay.com for the royalty free music! >

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  1. Great video Prospector Chris from Ohio. I like your blog....looks like you have gold fever like I do hahaha. Just saw your post on HainesAlaskaTourguide.blogspot.com.....thank you. Hope you write some more soon! Tourguide Gold Girl - Holly Jo