Thursday, December 27, 2012

Itching to prospect and a blog post

   I hope everyone had a good holiday. Mine was just swell except for the blizzard. This is kind of an odd week for the PaystreakTV blog. Jungle gold is over and this weeks episode of Gold rush Alaska looks to be one of those behind the scenes special shows.  I guess it's cool if you like to see that kind of stuff. I am just being honest when I tell you I am not one of those people. I don't really care how they record the show I am just happy they do. Hopefully they get back to business next week so I will have something to review.  On a brighter note the winter solstice (aka doomsday) was December 21 and the earth did not blow up or get hit or get galacticly  aligned with a black hole. The jury is still out on the polar shift but if it does happen I am kind of hoping Ohio will get a little closer to the equator. At least now we can start to see the sun a bit longer each day . I can't wait for spring. I don't know about you all but I am ready to prospect.
   Knox and Naz are my gold guarding dogs. I can't figure out why but when they get out in the snow they never want to come back inside. I think they would be content to stay out all day and guard the yard from all the neighborhood cats and rogue ninja birds. I wish I could leave them out but the problem is when I say they guard the yard what I really mean is they can bark for hours. I try to be considerate of the neighbors.


  1. Knox and Naz look like they are as cool as my two dogs. I just saw I had posted a reply on your I guess I did see it. I just didn't see your blog till today. Great blog!

  2. Where can I find the type hose you used for your mini slueth. I am new to glod prospecting and can't afford the high dollar stuff YET!!