Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gold rush Alaska 12/14/2012 review and thoughts. Updated gold tally

I am sorry for not posting my review this last weekend. With the tragedy in Connecticut still stinging in my brain I didn't feel much like writing. I focused on my family instead. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones. I have nothing else to say about this except, if you haven't already, hug your kids.

   I am going to start this weeks review at the Big nugget mine. Parker Schnabel finished his new access road to Smith creek. After running a bit of material he came up empty. Parker got some advice from Tony Beets. Tony is a well known and knowledgeable miner and a big supporter of the drill first mine later method. He told Parker to drill and that's what he did.  Now I was under the impression that Parker worked all winter getting Smith creek cut down to gravel. My impression was incorrect much to my dismay and much to Parker's dismay his first test hole went to like eighty feet before he hit bedrock. Not sure what he is going to do now. I would like to see a few more holes drilled before throwing the towel in on Smith creek. I guess we will wait and see but this is some rotten luck.

   Across the river at Porcupine creek the Dakota boys are in the glory hole again and it's still producing gold. They should really send Jack Hoffman a fruit basket or something as a thank you for digging it so deep for them in season 1. Fred found a hole within the glory hole. He tested the gravel and found a lot of color in it. With the test dirt looking good the Hurt's went to town. They ended up pulling out 18.7 ounces of gold when they cleaned up. That's around thirty grand if you turn the gold into green so no more nickle and dime stuff for them I hope.

   Last but not least the Hoffman crews. Todd's turbo trommel is turning out to be just a regular old trommel and it doesn't run very well. I don't know why they even call it a turbo. I can run dirt faster with my mini sluice. He tried half speed but the motor is still undersized so it still overheats. Todd had to shut it down by the end of the show and have team Turrin wipe his butt for him again. After two big weeks Indian river was in tweak mode. Adjusting, modifying, and doing maintenance so needless to say they were not running at the time. With Todd failing to produce any gold Indian river had to buck up, get their wash plant back online and get the last seven ounces. They pulled it off and then some with clean up weighing in at 21 ounces. All I have to say is it's a good thing Dave Turrin didn't fall for that turbo trommel trick in the beginning of the season. What do you think about the show or gold prospecting in general? Comments are always welcome below. If you like reading my blog pass it on and don't forget to subscribe or follow. Thanks for the visit.

Gold rush Alaska gold tally

Hoffman Indian river
115 oz= $185,000

The Big Nugget
80 oz =$131,150

Dakota Boys
27 oz =$42,571




  1. I find it funny that Parker clocked out with 55 OUNCES of gold when his scale said 55 GRAMS of gold. Not sure if they are aware that there is a metric system and that grams are just a tad smaller than ounces. 55 grams is 1.94 ounces.

    1. Really? I didn't notice that. I still have that episode on my dvr. I'll need to watch it again.

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