Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gold rush Alaska 12/7/2012 review and thoughts

   I decided that I needed to get my reviews for the gold shows up quicker so I was up late last night watching them on my DVR and getting my notes together. Having done all of that here we go with my review and thoughts for the 12/7/2012 episode of "Gold rush Alaska". We will start this week with the Big Nugget. Parker pretty much finished his road to Smith creek. He only ran into one problem. That problem was a rocky outcrop right in the path of the road. He got some help from his dad and brother who have some experience with blasting. It is always cool to see big hunks of rock getting blown up with dynamite. It looks like Parker got everything worked out. Hopefully he will be mining for next weeks episode.

   Across the river at the Porcupine creek claim the Dakota boys have finally decided to drain the glory hole. The material they had been running was producing small amounts of gold but Dustin convinced his dad that they were running out of time. They had just got their pump running when disaster nearly struck. MSHA decided to do a supprise visit.  I understand that regulators like MSHA do an important job keeping people safe in a potentially dangerous work places. They also have the stroke to shut you down if they want. I figured after last seasons experience with MSHA Fred most likely had all of his paperwork in order this time. They made out good with only one citation for a broken window in the excavator. They should be running glory hole gravel soon so I am excited to finally see that.

   We end this weeks review with the Hoffman's.  Todd has managed to get his turbo trommel installed. The initial run didn't go so well though. The crew at Quartz creek soon found the trommel to be a bit slow. Their material was building up in the drum and they started to smoke a motor. The turbo trommel creator Ray Brosseuk said he didn't like the horse power of the motor. Am I wrong in thinking that as the machine builder YOU are responsible for for sizing your motors correctly. All I have to say is Quartz creek is a disaster so it it's a good thing Indian river is saving their butts. Indian river is the only claim to show some gold this time. Dave Turrin and co pulled out a whopping 63.4 ounces of gold out of the ground. Add that to the 30 they got last week and they are only 7 ounces away from the investor requirement. That's a bit over $100,000 in their last clean out. Nice job Indian river. Well that's all I got. Comments are welcome below. Don't forget to follow or subscribe and thanks for reading my blog.

Gold rush Alaska gold tally

Hoffman Indian river
94.27 oz= $151,500

The Big Nugget
80 oz =$131,150

Dakota Boys
8.6 oz =$12,571

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  1. The sluice boxes on the turbo trommel were too small!!! Todd needs to work with Fred and Dave and follow their example of the best way to design the sluice boxes. Stop trying to take shortcuts!! These guys are engineers and know what they are doing!!