Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jungle gold 11/23/2012 review and thoughts

   I am in the same predicament a lot of you are in right now. Jungle gold makes me want to scream at the tv like I do for a bad football game. But it is a show about gold and if you are a prospector you are almost compelled to watch. This week I am not going to blog a lot about the show drama because I hate it. They lost their main investor but managed a cash influx from another one who was willing to risk a bit more. The ramosa claim still is not producing and its day to day operations been taken over by Singh and Chandler inc. I hope I spelled his name right. Scott and George cashed out the minimal amount of gold they had paid some bills and started sneaking around looking for yet another claim to run this time with out Singh and Chandler inc. At the end of the show this week with Scott in the states trying to find money George was prospecting a new spot. They dug the deepest test hole I have ever seen and still did not reach gravel. Over on the open side of the pit some villagers had set up camp and were mining. George did not go incredible hulk this time. Instead he went down and watched them. With their wooden sluice boards and a half a dozen people they pulled more gold out in six hours than George and Scott could get all day running a trommel. I think after seeing that I would have hired me a bunch of the villagers to mine for me. The Jungle gold guys are so far in the red I see no point in doing a gold tally for them. So we will end the post here. Thanks for reading. I know it is painful. Don't forget to subscribe and or follow my blog. As always comments are encouraged and welcome.


  1. You might as well be hustling the population. What a waste!!!! Worthless, like the gold!

  2. Having become intrigued by the Gold Mining craze, (I watch Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold) I gave this one a try. This is the dumbest group of incompetitents yet. Two muscle head white guys who have NO clue of what they are getting into. I will not bore you with my thoughts but in the latest episode when they went DEEP into the jungle and bought some renegade Gold giving up their last 35K. While driving back they were giddy as two school girls! You are in an uncivilized country goobers! They should have anticipated the hijack scenario, they should have driven over the road block or anything other than get out of the auto, like they were in downtown NYC. Dam what a group of idiots and icompetitents. They are lucky they didn't get killed and left in the jungle long ago. Pitiful show!!!

  3. What a load of crap!
    Scott was coked out of his head in the last episode & the robbery was such a set up it was a joke!
    What a waste of T.V!